About Us

Tial Technologies (Pty) Ltd focuses on developing and delivering software solutions for the insurance industry throughout the African continent.

The software development organisation was founded in 1999 by the current shareholders and directors of the company, comprising of Alan Hayward, Thomas Kieck, Tony Jacobsen and Gareth Whitlock.

The shareholders and directors are backed up by a strong innovative management team and staff compliment with a proven track record and capabilities; focusing on core responsibilities relating to Support, Reporting, Development, Training and Human Resources.

Tial is committed to ensuring that our clients have made the right choice by listening to them and developing the partnerships we have with each and every one of
those clients.

Mission Statement

To be the leading provider of insurance software solutions throughout the African continent, bringing innovation and support to each and every one of our clients.


To bring a digitally revolutionised system to the insurance industry.



We anticipate transformation and create ethical, forward thinking solutions to overcome obstacles, delivering unique solutions to our clients.


We perform our roles with purpose, pride, a positive attitude and are committed to delivering high quality
products and services.


Through collaboration we multiply our contribution. We engage, collaborate and partner with our clients and employees to achieve shared goals.


Underpinning all our work, we think and act with integrity. We uphold our ethics and principles with every action and decision we make.

Service Excellence

We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them.