Tial’s Development department is the core of the business; it’s where innovative solutions and alternatives are created, along with the maintenance and vast majority of back-end functionality.

Development addresses and finds issues by performing checks/profiling/source execution against issues to obtain the exact nature and cause; once investigated and resolved locally, fixes are pushed to a test instance and sent to clients once passed.

Our dedicated efficient team of Silver Titans get many development projects and enhancements completed, the biggest of course is the back-office insurance solution.

Development Operations

Our Development Operations department offers day-to-day support for code related errors, rating errors, mapping issues and small development tasks.

Working closely with the Development and Transactions departments, they assist by running source and finding where in the code the error is coming from and correct it going forward in the newer versions.

This highly skilled team of Avengers are problem solvers, specialising in system engineering in the
Microsoft .Net framework.

Product Development

An essential part of the organisation is our Products Department, they create standard and new insurer products, make changes and enhancements to existing insurer products as well as offer support.

New products can be designed and created to every client requirements and by making changes to existing products, clients are able to load policies onto the system and collect premiums.

These punctual and efficient Charlies Angels work closely with Crystal Reports, Transactions and Development; they have very specific insurance knowledge and excellent SQL skills.