Project Management

The Project Management department runs with all projects between the organisation and clients, ensuring that the project is running smoothly and efficiently, and that all deadlines are met and feedback is given.

This department has a personal relationship with the client, they make sure all the clients’ requirements and expectations are understood and are met in a
timely manner.

These deadline-driven Road Runners are always on the road, meeting with clients and guarantee the seamless transition from one system to another is done
without hassle.

Business Analyst

Our specialised department of Business Analysts contribute towards the operation of the company as a whole by improving the efficiency of the development cycle and ensure that the developed solutions meet the clients needs
and expectations.

This departments’ roles and responsibilities can only be executed by working closely with all internal departments as well as with our clients, they bridge the communication gap between business and IT.

This team of Dynamic Dudes have a very dynamic approach in designing our solution specifications so as to ensure that the solutions which are specified are feasible to our clients.

Process and Change Control Management

Another specialised department within the organisation is our Process and Change Control department; they identify, analyse and improve business processes within the organisation.

This departments’ functions integrate and support the functionality of SystemA by increasing the awareness and understanding of proposed changes across the organisation.

The greatest benefit is having a centralised custodian continually looking at improving business process efficiencies with the support of all departments.

Our team of Transformers are transforming Tial, one department at a time from the inside-out!