The helping hand that assists our organisation as a whole is none other than our Marketing department who handle all Marketing related matters as well as Public Relations in-house.

Promoting our brand awareness and getting our name out-there, we are now recognised in the industry as a leader and innovator throughout Africa.

This perfectionist team of Dependables work in the background with all suppliers and publishers making sure you get top quality, accurate information and enjoy all Tial associated events.

Account Management

As part of our support, each client is assigned an Account Manager who deals directly with the client, they then work with the necessary department within the organisation to make sure your requests are all being attended to.

The main purpose of the Account Management department is having a main point of contact to assist our clients with all service and support related queries via email, telephonically and CRS.

Our energetic and social team of Care Bears love dealing with people and are on stand-by to be the problem-solvers you need!

Human Resources and Administration

At the heart of our organisation is our Human Resources and Administration department who primarily focus on general Administration, Finances and Human Resources.

They maintain the company culture and morale through Employee Development, Training and Performance Management. Needless to say, they look after all of our staff!

This team of Miracle Workers work closely with all the other departments as well as playing a role behind the scenes for the submission of month-end data for clients.