Claims Management

Many insurance organisations can’t leverage information across the organisation and legacy systems can’t keep pace with new products and industry developments. As a result, organisations can’t optimise processes, effectively identify and prevent fraud, or deliver the high levels of customer service the market demands.

SystemA’s Claim Management enables you to automate and manage the entire claims process - from first notification of loss and the capture of claims data to EFT claim payments and financial reporting. You have the functionally you need to maximise cash flow, optimise reserves and ensure the efficient processing that results in lower operational and claims costs.

With SystemA’s Claims Management, you gain visibility into the information you need for strategic and tactical decision-making and for reporting to regulatory bodies, analysts and other external stakeholders.

Advanced analytics and workflow processing enable you to proactively reduce fraud by identifying suspect claims and routing them to your special investigative unit. We can even customise SystemA allowing you to link to industry services dedicated to identifying fraudulent claims.

SystemA’s Claims Management provides employees with multiple points of access to the claims system. It even supports the integration of third parties such as appraisers and service providers. You can leverage your internal and external resources to minimise claims costs, accelerate the processing cycle and optimise customer service.