Financial Management

When it comes to managing financial assets, insurers face numerous challenges: multiple disconnected systems, lack of data transparency, outmoded closing processes and the need to comply with a growing number of statutory regulations.

SystemA’s Financial Management provides a solution. This powerful application provides a keyless accounting structure and real-time access to data. Now you can manage not only individual accounts and processes, but also your overall business structure and organisation. In the case of cell captives; SystemA provides full functionality required to manage funds, determine inner excesses and report on approaching “burn” limits.

SystemA’s Financial Management allows you to close books quickly and access the information you need for regulatory compliance and for strategic and tactical decision-making. All transactions are user-, date-, and time-stamped, giving your CFO, internal auditors, and other stakeholders a powerful tool for monitoring transactions and business flow.

SystemA’s Financial Management enables you to perform sophisticated risk analysis as well as the ability to monitor and manage the performance of your portfolio.