Insurance Commissions Management

For many administrators, commission management is a challenge. They struggle to support multiple systems, integrate data across multiple platforms, and manage activities across multiple channels.

SystemA’s Insurance Commissions Management simplifies and improves your commission structure by centralising commission management. The application handles all aspects of commission management across multiple products and classes of business. You have the functionality you need to support multiple channels; including call centres, outside brokerages, agency management interfaces, branch offices and more. You can also coordinate cross-channel activities to promote synergy and minimise conflicts. All within a single integrated system!

SystemA’s Insurance Commissions Management offers comprehensive functionality for planning sales activities, promoting new business, and adapting your business in response to changing market conditions.


It allows you to create commission structures to map local or regional changes, or to introduce new products. You can also configure special commission structures for supporting sales groups such as broker consultants, recruiters etc.

Role- and activity-based security provides excellent controls for managing user access with a full audit trail of activities performed.

While improved data quality and reporting capabilities lower the cost of maintenance and reduce your total cost of ownership.