General Support

With the advent of high-end technology such as the software solutions by Tial Technologies, comes the requirement for a specific skill set and the ability to operate and understand the system.

Tial Training supports our users by dealing with general functionality and specific queries on a daily basis.

Apart from the implementation of various training interventions we also facilitate workshops, provide remote assistance and coaching to New Business clients.

Latest Technology

Since our inception, Tial has been at the forefront of technical and service innovation.


A product and organisational planning session precedes any implementation. This ensures that we at Tial have a clear view of your organisation’s requirements and the products you will be administering.


Development coincides with the upgrade of SystemA to the latest development environments offered by Microsoft ensuring not only the longevity of the product but also to ensure that the system utilises the best technology to the benefit of the user.

New Releases, Modifications and/or Enhancements

SystemA is continually being enhanced either as a result of new technology and/or additional functionality. New releases, changes and/or new report requests are planned for every quarter.


We provide the option of shared cloud computing, private cloud or onsite deployment.