Exec Team

Alan Hayward

Chairman, Alan Hayward, who had previous experience at a company that supplied short-term insurance software, felt that a more streamlined product should be developed; he then wrote a solution called Adsure. After marketing and starting his own business, Alan subsequently partnered with Cliff Hutchison and Thomas Kieck, and together they formed Tial Technologies. Alan is most passionate about innovation within the industry and remaining at the cutting edge of technology. He looks forward to further Tial’s expansion into Africa and continues to ensure delivery of the insurance software solution.

Thomas Kieck
Business Development Director

Business Development Director, Thomas Kieck, is one of the founding members of Tial Technologies, he has a technical background with formal programming and IT qualifications to match. From having worked in insurance all his professional life, he saw a gap in the market and aspired to become an industry leader. Accompanied by his entrepreneurial spirit, intimate knowledge of all aspects of insurance and passion for IT solutions to business problems, Thomas started his own company which evolved into Tial Technologies in 1999. Thomas constantly looks for IT innovations to increase all of Tial’s partners’ efficiency within the insurance industry to improve customer and broker experience.

Tony Jacobsen
Managing Director

Managing Director, Tony Jacobsen, left the thriving metropolis of Richards Bay for the bright lights of Johannesburg in 1997, after spending his first 18 months in Johannesburg working for a small IT company whist studying Programming, he was employed by Tial Technologies as a junior programmer in October 1999. Having initially written the SystemA application with Thomas Kieck, he then got exposed to every aspect of the business, through training and support to report writing and database administration. As the company grew he advanced through middle management where he played an integral role in setting up internal structures and processes, thereafter moving into the role of Director of Operations which oversaw the day to day running of the company and ensured it stayed aligned with Industry changes and legislation. He has subsequently been appointed as Managing Director to free him up to focus on more strategic initiatives in this ever changing insurance software landscape.

Gareth Whitlock
Director of Operations

Director of Operations, Gareth Whitlock, with a background in infrastructure and system engineering, joined Tial in 2002. He started at the bottom working closely with Tials clients implementing systems, supporting systems, building infrastructure including hardware, software, networking and end-to-end solutions for both Tial and its client base. Gareth has also been involved in database administration, reporting development, programming and has had many senior roles from supervisory to management until he was promoted to senior management. Gareth enjoys finding solutions, delivering projects, implementing processes and doing his part to make Tial Technologies the best insurance solution on the market.