Reports Management

The Reports Management department deals with all standard reports/extracts for the Reinsurer, Insurer, Underwriting Manager and Broker.

Customising the reports to specified requirements, we can successfully enable the client to extract their own reports by giving them the tools to run their own business at their convenience.

They implement changes made by the developers and report back on any glitches that they have fixed, providing critical customer support.

This Data Squad of deadline driven workaholics are meticulous and assist in any clients reporting queries.

Crystal Reports

The Crystal Reports department uses Crystal Reports to generate and create documentation from SQL data in order to present it to the client in a manner where it actually makes sense.

Their tasks involve maintaining and creating these reports and documents, making sure that the latest technologies within the scope of the system are in use.

The documentation generated by the Crystal Reports department is the only representation of what the client at the end of the line sees.

The Crystal Raccoons are motivated problem-solvers that listen to all advice and work with many other departments.


Our Transactions department creates renewals with predetermined rules for clients along with triggers which are used to automate manual correspondence.

This department manages the most important part of our system; the financial section, from pro-rata raises to month-end completion.

They work with all departments since they deal with system run time errors that need to be resolved and especially the Reports department as the bordereaux depends on financial integrity.

This team of Tinkers are very competent and reliable; always offering general support for the system, internally
and externally.