Reinsurance Management

Reinsurance is an important part of your insurance business, with a potentially significant impact on your financials. Effective management of reinsurance is key to your competitive advantage and profitable growth.

SystemA’s Reinsurance gives you the functionality you need to manage all aspects of reinsurance. The application provides end-to-end reinsurance processing, from ceding to recovery for both treaties and facultative reinsurance. That includes the ability to cede business internally to a central holding company; if desired, before ceding externally outside the organisation.

SystemA’s Reinsurance covers facultative, facultative-obligatory, and obligatory treaty types such as quota share, surplus and excess of loss. Policy movements and their corresponding reinsurance premiums are tracked alongside treaty periods aligned to policy inception and underwriting years. Treaty management encompasses all data for controlling settlements. Reinsurance premium bordereaux can incorporate claims recoveries ensuring the nett reinsurance premium is paid over to
the reinsurers.

With SystemA’s Reinsurance, flexible condition management enables the definition of reinsurance conditions for the entire treaty; for components of the treaty or for the share for each partner participating in the treaty.